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The Seven Options For Divorce: Number 5

The fifth option is the default position. We call it Negotiation in the Shadow of Litigation.

The first three methods of divorce allow the parties to control the process, control the cost and control the outcome.  It’s your money, it’s your property, they’re your children, it should be your choice.  But most people aren’t aware of the first three options, or they don’t even consider them.  Many lawyers don’t bother to tell people about the first three options, and very few people are interested in option four, so most of the time people end up going with number five on the list.

In the fifth option you’re working with traditional lawyers who file traditional papers, bang the case around for two or three years, file Orders to Show Cause, Ex Parte hearings, and after all your money is gone, they settle the case.  That’s what most people get.

Trust me, you have lots of other options.

Option 1:  The Kitchen Table
Option 2:  Mediation
Option 3:  Collaborative Divorce
Option 4:  Arbitration
Option 5:  Negotiation in the Shadow of Litigation
Option 6:  Rent-A-Judge
Option 7: Litigation

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