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Schelb v. Stein

From the Los Angeles County Bar Association Daily E-briefs:

Trust deed securing a promissory note issued in connection with a family law judgment may expire under provisions of the Marketable Record Title Act, despite Family Code Sec. 291, which provides that a family law judgment is enforceable until paid in full. MRTA and Sec. 291 do not conflict because a debt evidenced by a note and secured by a deed of trust is still owed even after the note expires under MRTA and the deed of trust is no longer enforceable. Application of Sec. 291 to a judgment entered prior to the section’s effective date did not substantially interfere with debtor’s rights where enforcement of that judgment would not have been subject to a time limitation under prior law.

Schelb v. Stein

What that means in plainer English is, if you have an unfulfilled obligation owed to you under a judgment, you should meet with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options for enforcing your interests and collecting the debt.  Any delay could result in the forfeiture of your security interest in real property or could prevent you from collecting on the debt you are owed.

In even plainer English:  If somebody owes you money and is not current in making their payments, speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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