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Love Yourself

Happy Holidays to all of you, and the warmest Greetings for the coming year.

This holiday season we are making an effort to live mindfully. At the suggestion of one of the staff at The Law Collaborative, we have jointly decided that the funds normally spent on holiday cards, gifts to each other, and a Holiday meal at a restaurant, would be better spent in a more creative and mindful manner. We have collaboratively chosen to donate the funds to a family that we are sponsoring through a local organization.

Birth is involuntary. Death is inevitable. That is the cycle of life. It begins with a single inhalation. It ends with a single exhalation. In between, we take a finite number of breaths; the single most important activity in life. Each breath we breathe can be an invitation to live more fully, more consciously, and more attentively.

Mindfulness is conscious attention to each moment that we live. It’s not easy but when we succeed, we find it’s worth the effort. Mindfulness is at the heart of appreciation, gratitude, respect, and love. When we embrace appreciation, express gratitude, and show respect, we experience love in wonderful ways; love of nature, love of beauty, and love of humankind, including ourselves.

In loving awareness, love for self is able to well up, fill us, and spill over to refresh and irrigate others. How strange that Self-love becomes the heart of our love for others. Love for others is the prescription for the redemption of the ills of the world. Until we learn this essential lesson, we will continue to experience hostility, unhappiness, and war.

That is why this holiday we are making an effort to live mindfully. You are helping us to make this possible. Thank you for your support in 2011, and your continued support in 2012.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year,

Ron Supancic, CFLS
The Law Collaborative, APC
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
T: (818) 348-6700
F: (818) 348-0961

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