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A choice to make, a lesson to learn

The most important lesson to be learned in life is that who you are being in the world is far more important than what you say. You may know all manner of wonderful things and be very proficient in the practice of your art, but if you demonstrate a substantial deficit in integrity, than all your words mean very little. Don’t tell me who your are, show me who you are being. We all share a commitment, as helping professionals, to set an example to our peers that is based on measurable values. I want to know what you stand for before I care what you do. We live in the best of times and the worst of times. Values are being challanged daily. There are great opportunities to be better than we have been in the past, or worse. We make choices every moment of every day. Every choice we make has specific consequences. The question is whether we are making choices congruent with our values or not. It is really that simple. I only wish it were that easy.

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