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Interview With A Superior Court Judge (Part 4 of 4)

“Clients should listen to their lawyers more, and the people they know at Starbucks less.” – the Honorable Judge Thomas Trent Lewis

Family Court does not get adequate resources. There aren’t enough judges, there aren’t enough clerks, there aren’t enough courtrooms. Family law makes up a huge percentage of judicial filings, but it receives a very small percentage of judicial resources. Additional judicial resources is just one of the recommendations made by the Elkins Committee, a two-year taskforce study that came out last October because of concerns regarding access and fairness that came about in the case of Elkins v Superior Court.

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, a sitting Superior Court Judge with over twenty-eight years of experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist, is one of the advisors to the people on the Elkins Committee. Listen in as he talks with Ron and Robert about the Elkins Report, case management, early neutral evaluation, mediation, how divorcing families can save resources, why litigation is the wrong path to divorce, and who should try marriage counseling before filing.

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