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How to Tell the Kids

By Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, RYT

Q: My husband and I have decided to divorce. We want to be proactive in supporting our kids through this. Our children are ages 3 and 5. How do we tell the children? What can we do to help them through this? It’s a very difficult time for my husband and for me but we want to work together for the best of our kids.

A: Those last eleven words of your final sentence above need to be the touchstone that you and the father of your children establish, maintain, and return to again and again throughout this process.  In my years of experience counseling children and parents through the divorce process, and my training as a Child Specialist in Collaborative Divorce Law, I will tell you that though divorce can be a very difficult challenge for children, it’s all in the way you, the parents, handle it.  It will be essential at all times for both of you to focus on working together for the best of your children as you say you wish to do.

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