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Canadian Family Law is Way Ahead of U.S.

BC was one of the first provinces in Canada to recognize same-sex marriage, and the Canada Supreme Court endorsed it. Canada appointed a female judge as Chief Justice of Canada Supreme Court back in 2000, and now Canada is planning revolutionary changes to their family law system that will change the Canadian definition of family — for the better.

Here’s a quote from Canadian Attorney-General Mike de Jong in a recent article in the Vancouver Sun:

“We have family law built around a very adversarial model and we think there is a better way — when a family changes or when a relationship comes apart — there is a better way to resolve some of those issues then rushing off to court,” said de Jong.

“We will always need the court, but we do not need a system that is primarily an adversarial system.”

A big Hurrah! to our Northern Neighbors. Click here to read on.

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