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The Seven Options for Divorce: Number Six

Your sixth option is Rent-A-Judge.  If California were a business, it would be bankrupt.  The courts are under-funded and over-crowded.  The lines waiting for trial dates go on and on.  The supervising judge in the family law department is anxious to get rid of cases.  Any time two attorneys stipulate to file an application for Rent-A-Judge, the court will immediately appoint a retired judge in good standing as a judge pro tem*.

But how does it work?  The court appoints a retired Superior Court judge, an appellate court justice, or a Supreme Court justice, and you rent their time.  In most instances they apply the same rules they would if they were sitting in a courtroom.  They may even work in a courtroom.  But if Angelina and Brad Pitt decided to get married and then decided to divorce, they wouldn’t go to court.  They’d hire a retired judge and they’d have their divorce at Chateau Marmont and it would be catered.**

Los Angeles County is host to a “Rent-A-Judge” program wherein retired Superior Court judges are available as arbitrators or will sit as judges on a private basis.  In the “Rent-A-Judge” program you try your case in a conference room just as you would in a court room, but without the delays and interruptions you experience with a judicial officer who is subject to the interruptions of a heavy caseload.  If you know you have a case that will be in court for a long time, this option can save you a lot of money.

Option 1:  The Kitchen Table
Option 2:  Mediation
Option 3:  Collaborative Divorce
Option 4:  Arbitration
Option 5:  Negotiation in the Shadow of Litigation
Option 6:  Rent-A-Judge
Option 7: Litigation

* temporary judge

** The Law Collaborative does not represent either of the Jolie Pitt’s and is in no way making any claims about the state of their relationship.  It was a harmless, fictional example.

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