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This is about real families

Here is Regina DeMeo, an attorney in Rockville, Maryland, being interviewed on Washington Business Tonight about Collaborative Law.

This is about real families. Especially in this economy! There is not enough money [to pay for traditional litigation]. But people are going to get divorced regardless of how much money there is and we have an ethical obligation to preserve the family assets and to preserve the good will that these parents need to have going forward. — Regina DeMeo, Family Law Attorney

Brava, Ms. DeMeo. Brava!

‘The Washington Post’ Talks Collaborative Divorce

Regina DeMeo is a family law attorney in Rockville, PA who became trained in and started practicing collaborative divorce after she went through her own litigated divorce.

DeMeo, who is president of the Collaborative Divorce Association, a group that promotes the practice, says the process is less painful than a divorce that involves litigation. “There are no surprises,” she says. “And they feel like they own it because they’re the final decision makers, as opposed to some person they’ve never met before who’s going to hear their case for six hours and make a decision for the rest of their lives.”

And maybe more important than that, she says, the collaborative divorce process forces two people whose lines of communication are broken to learn to work together and talk respectfully to each other. “Because if you have kids, you’re going to have to continue to communicate for the next 20 years,” she says.

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