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Enrolling the Reluctant Spouse

M. Marcy Jones is an author, speaker, lawyer, coach, and advocate for change. She lives in Lynchburg, Virginia and she writes a wonderful blog called Graceful Divorce Solutions – if you haven’t been over there yet, you should check it out today at

A couple of weeks ago she posted an article about how to enroll a reluctant spouse in the collaborative process:

My client, Mary, came to see me a few months ago for a consultation. We went over her situation and her options, and she clearly expressed an interest in using the collaborative process. Her concern, though, was that her husband, Joe, was drinking a lot, not home very much, and she didn’t know how or when she would be able to talk to him about this option.

While every case is different, Jones gives some great ideas for how to get your spouse on the same page and, most importantly, how do it with kindness and dignity.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

M. Marcy Jones is a Virginia family law attorney, author, speaker, coach and advocate for change. She founded Graceful Divorce Solutions for many of the same reasons Ron and Robert founded The Law Collaborative and Ron and Robert on Divorce — to provide tools, information, and education to separated and divorcing people.

Ron and Robert often talk about the rights of children in divorce. You can read some of their articles on the subject here. I just discovered Marcy’s Top 10 List of Do’s and Don’ts for Parents Going Through Divorce, and I thought it fit so beautifully with The Law Collaborative’s 12 Inalienable Rights of Children, that I had to share it with you.

    Check out Attorney M. Marcy Jones Top 10 List of Do’s and Don’ts for Parents Going Through Divorce. Her article has some wonderful insight for parents, divorcing or not.