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Financial Check-Up (Part 4 of 4)

Divorce and taxes.  Not unlike death and taxes, though probably not as often seen together in the same sentence. Which is why Ron and Robert asked CPA James Cagle from Allegent Group to talk about this very topic.

Listen now as Mr. Cagle discusses some common misconceptions about how your tax situation may change after divorce, as well as some recent changes to the laws surrounding divorce and taxes. (Podcast #67)

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Part 2 – Tax credit vs. Tax deduction

Part 3 – The Proper Care and Feeding of Your CPA

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Financial Check-Up (Part 3 of 4)

At the turn of the New Year we posted the first two of four interviews with CPA James Cagle from Allegent Group in Woodland Hills.  Now, with tax day literally knocking at the backdoor, we present Part 3 in this excellent series.

What is the proper care and feeding of a CPA?  In other words, how can you be a better client?

For more information about Mr. Cagle and Allegent Group, click HERE.

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Missed the first two interviews?  Click HERE for Part 1 and click HERE for Part 2.

Financial Check-Up (Part 1 of 4)

The New Year has fallen into our laps, and with it we find ourselves thrust into a new tax season. While you get ready to go out and celebrate tonight, take a few minutes to listen to our latest podcast. This week on Ron and Robert on Divorce, the attorney duo interview James Cagle, a CPA and expert taxman from the Allegent Group, with offices in Woodland Hills and the Santa Clarita Valley. Mr. Cagle has twenty-five years of experience in taxation, business management and directing audits, reviews and compilations with an eye towards measuring and improving the health of business.

Listen now to find out what portion of your attorney’s fees are tax-deductible and to learn some practical tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming tax season.

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To learn more about Mr. Cagle and the Allegent Group, click HERE.