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Second Saturday Divorce Workshop

The Second Saturday Divorce Workshop is a special event for people who are thinking about divorce or going through a divorce and want more information. Ron and Robert host the workshop at their Woodland Hills office on the second Saturday of every month as part of their continuing effort to provide people with education, information, and guidance. This workshop is a wonderful way for you to determine where you are in an existing case, what you can expect from the legal system, and how you can protect yourself. It’s an opportunity to talk with a divorce lawyer, a mental health professional, and a financial expert. You can ask questions and get honest answers. This four hour seminar is only $45 if you register in advance, or $50 at the door, and a light breakfast is included. To register today, call (888) 852-9961 or email

How much support can I get?

Part Two of the discussion launched in last month’s newsletter, the calculation of parental Child Custody time, begins with an important first step: determine the average weekly time that your child spends in your care. Use the information from last month to calculate the specific hours. There are 168 hours in each week, 7 days at 24 hours each. There are 52 weeks in each year. 168 x 52 = 8736. Next, add holidays, and those Mondays or Fridays that extend your weeks or weekends (such as Memorial Day). Then calculate vacation time, birthdays, and special days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  Don’t forget to account for school closure days and other such events. Total these figures and you should have an accurate estimation of your time/custody percentage. Be certain of your numbers, since miscalculation may cost you additional negotiation, litigation and/or child support payments. If in doubt, review the calculations with your attorney or the paralegal in charge of your case.

Summer is officially here, and with it our next Second Saturday Divorce Workshop, which will take place on July 10th at our Woodland Hills Office. California Certified Family Law Specialist, Ronald Supancic, of The Law Collaborative, will address the legal issues in divorce. Irene Smith, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, will discuss the financial issues associated with divorce. Christine Campisi, Court Mediator, will speak regarding childrens issues in divorce situations. This workshop is beneficial to anyone contemplating divorce, or curious about their options. Pre-registration is $45, or $50 at the door. Breakfast will be served. Please call our office at (888) 852-9961, for registration and additional information, or email

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Save the Date!

We are very excited to be hosting our third Second Saturday Divorce Workshop for Women on Saturday, July 10.  Attorney Ron Supancic will be presenting alongside CDFA Irene Smith and court mediator Christine Campisi, who will be discussing issues that face children during divorce.  The workshop is from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and a beautiful breakfast is included!  Pre-register by emailing