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Psycho Ex-Wife Has A Selfish Ex-Husband

It’s all over the blogosphere: Divorcé Anthony Morelli, author of the blog “Psycho Ex-Wife” was ordered by a judge in the Bucks County family court to take down his site, citing the emotional damage the blog could cause to Morelli’s minor children.

Morelli insists that his blog serves as therapeutic catharsis rather than vindictive crusade.

“I tried to provide a forum, where, through [the] collective experiences [of my readers], we could help minimize the conflict in our lives, and choose better ways to deal with our high-conflict ex-spouses–be they men or women,” he said.*

Though he complied with the court order and removed the site, Morelli has filed an appeal. This is, in my opinion, a classic example of a parent putting their own interests before that of their child. Supporters say that Morelli is practicing free speech, but it doesn’t count as free speech when it’s child abuse. Which, in my opinion, it is. That may sound harsh to you, but then I suspect you’ve never known the child of a divorce where one party or both routinely said terrible things about the other parent in the child’s presence.

I believe that if Morelli wants therapeutic catharsis, he should hire a therapist. When you speak badly of your ex, you speak badly of your child. When you post cruel words online about your ex, you are posting cruel words about your child. No matter whether or not the things you say or write are true in your mind, it’s child abuse. Your children are half you, half your spouse. You think your kid is smart enough and mature enough to handle hearing the “truth” about their other parent? You’re wrong. They’re a kid. Let them be a kid. Read the 11 Inalienable Rights of Children. Print it out and tape it to your bathroom mirror where you’ll see it every day. Protect your child from wagging tongues – including your own.

*Article cited: The Psycho Ex-Wife: Free Speech Fight Over Divorce Blog.

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  • Gotonniego

    As a person who is also dealing with a psycho ex-wife and is constantly amazed at the way our courts continue to let her skate, I found this blog EXTREMELY helpful!  Unfortunately most people that have not had a spouse with a VERIFIED mental illness do not understand this at all.  I do not agree that this man is selfish I believe that he is trying his best to stay positive through his hell………and trust me someone with BPD is truly satan.  A person with BPD considers only themselves and never once will consider the effects on children, their family, your family and least of all the person that they have to “beat”.  Unfortunately the children do need to be informed of this behavior because they will also be victim to it as they grow older but I believe that they realize that something is “wrong” with mom at an early age.  Touching, hugging and kissing is not natural for someone with BPD and is only used in front of other people to emulate a loving, caring relationship.  NOTHING is done with feeling because a person BPD is incapable of any emotion except anger. Anthony, I truly hope that your blog will continue you have helped me and my family through some very rough times in dealing with the exact same situation. 

  • I understand a person’s need to stay positive through a “personal hell”, but that work is best done in the privacy of a therapists office, not in a public forum available for the person’s young child to view at will. Kids are kids – it is cruel to burden them with the problems of adults. If the child needs help dealing with a mentally ill parent, they should be in therapy as well – not exposed to the healthy parent’s personal hell. That is equally damaging.

  • Womanwhoknows

    Spoken like someone who has never had to deal with their own psycho ex wife. Anthony Morelli put the site up anonymously. It was his ex wife who found out about it and showed it to the kids. Typical behavior of a psycho ex. When you’ve walked a few miles in his and my shoes, then you can pass judgment. Thanks to the ex, the kids are dealing with a whole lot worse than the website, believe me!

  • Womanwhoknows

    Therapist can only do so much. I had to start my own support group and even that’s not sufficient. This website is a godsend for all those suffering similar conditions. It’s a community that lets you vent, get helpful ideas and ways to cope and know you are not alone. And by the way, our psycho ex tortures the children until they refuse to go to court ordered therapy. So much for that idea. You have no idea what kind of hell we are living.

  • Clearly I don’t. It sounds awful. I hope that you are able to find the support you need and I hope your children are able to get the support that they need as well, from a healing, loving, peaceful source.

  • An anonymous site is very different from a public site. The real tragedy here is the pain inflicted on the children. That is what is so very frustrating and upsetting. What do you suggest to help parents protect their children from a mentally ill other parent?

  • I’m still waiting for the video to buffer, but there are libel laws. They seem applicable here.