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Interview With A Superior Court Judge (Part 3 of 4)

Most family law judges don’t know family law at all. Most family law judges have backgrounds in criminal law, or some other area of law, and so when they are assigned a family law case, they are flying by the seat of their pants. Asking a judge with a criminal law background to hear a family law case is like asking an orthopedic surgeon to do a gastric bypass.  They can probably manage it, but it’s not in their patient’s best interest.

Thomas Trent Lewis is a family law judge who is also a Certified Family Law Specialist with over twenty-eight years of experience as a family law lawyer.  This makes him a true gem amongst judges in the family court.

In today’s episode of Ron and Robert on Divorce, the Honorable Judge Lewis talks about the court’s power to order counseling for families, the Parent Plan Coordinator Stipulation, the Our Family Wizard program, and other tools and options for families in the midst of divorce.

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