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A Safe Place

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals has created a twenty-minute film titled “A Safe Place” which follows the true life story of a couple as they make their way through a Collaborative divorce. At one point, the couple reads out loud a portion of the mission statement they have written for their divorce.

“We want our children to grow up feeling loved and nurtured by both of us and without a sense that their parents are angry with one another or conducting a quiet war behind the scenes. We want to continue to work as a team in raising our boys, to share in the major decisions, to support one another and to share in the traditions and celebrations we have established.  We want as little change for our boys as possible.”

Later, when the couple gets stuck trying to divide a particularly coveted asset, their collaborative team goes back to their mission statement, revisiting the couple’s longterm goals, to help them come up with a creative solution both parties feel good about.

The film beautifully illustrates how the Collaborative process works and why it benefits the couples who use it. Click here to watch A Safe Place.

The Moment I Knew

Where were you the moment you knew your marriage was over? Huff Post Divorce put together a great little video featuring clips from a “Moment I Knew” meetup event in Tribeca, New York City. On Tuesday, April 5, groups gathered in New York and Los Angeles to share stories about the moment they knew their marriage was really over.  From Huff Post Divorce:

“Capacity crowds streamed into Macao Trading Company in Tribeca and Palihouse Holloway in West Hollywood, respectively, to sip cocktails, nibble on appetizers, and watch a total of 21 performers (about 10 on each coast) riff on the darkly hilarious, deeply heartfelt details of the all-important moment they realized, oh boy, it’s over.”

This short video gives a little glimpse into the evening’s entertainment and while it certainly doesn’t make light of divorce, it does remind us that the old adage is sometimes true: “We’ll laugh about this later.”

To find out about the next Huff Post “Moment I Knew” meetup, click here.

To find out how to host your own “Moment I Knew” meetup, click here.

Or join the Twitterverse “Moment I Knew” conversation by tweeting to @HuffPostDivorce (hashtag: #themomentiknew).

How much does a divorce cost?

Very often the first question a divorce lawyer hears is, “How much is this going to cost?” It’s an important question, and Certified Family Law Specialist Ron Supancic answers it in this short informative video.

Preventing Divorce

In this video, Ron Supancic, Certified Family Law Specialist and collaborative divorce lawyer, talks about how couples can prevent divorce before they get married.

The Law Collaborative – The Changing Face of Divorce from The Law Collaborative on Vimeo.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

San Francisco collaborative lawyer Pauline Tesler answers one of our most frequently asked questions. “Is collaborative divorce right for me?”

This is about real families

Here is Regina DeMeo, an attorney in Rockville, Maryland, being interviewed on Washington Business Tonight about Collaborative Law.

This is about real families. Especially in this economy! There is not enough money [to pay for traditional litigation]. But people are going to get divorced regardless of how much money there is and we have an ethical obligation to preserve the family assets and to preserve the good will that these parents need to have going forward. — Regina DeMeo, Family Law Attorney

Brava, Ms. DeMeo. Brava!

The Father of Collaborative Law

In November of 1997 Ron was invited to a collaborative law program hosted by the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers.  Known as the Raging Bull of Los Angeles, Ron thought that “collaborative law” sounded crazy. Always open to new ideas, however hokey they may be, he attended the program anyway. There he met Stu Webb, one of the founders of collaborative law, and his perception of family law and how couples divorce was changed forever.

In this video from Cutting Edge Law Mr. Webb, the father of collaborative divorce himself, talks about how he went from hating his job as a divorce lawyer, to pioneering a whole new approach to divorce.

The Real Cost of Ending a Marriage

“It takes two or three years to process the emotional agenda (of divorce) and lawyers who aren’t trained in this, that don’t understand this, are adding gasoline to the fire when they align with the emotional agendas of their clients. A lot of transference and counter-transference takes place. The lawyers bring their own personal agendas to the case…

What we’re learning now is that divorce is really a mental health issue, more than it is anything else. If we can bring mental health professionals into the equation early on, we can make a huge difference in terms of saving time, saving money and more importantly, protecting children.”

— Ron Supancic, as interviewed by Karyn Foley during a 2007 Calabasas Author’s Night.

Calabasas Author’s Night – The Real Cost of Ending a Marriage from The Law Collaborative on Vimeo.

Vintage Law Collaborative

Mary Anne Loughlin and Patrick Greenlaw interview Ron Supancic for CNN’s DayWatch in 1991. The topic? Divorce and property settlement in California. There’s even a reference to the old classic film, War of the Roses.  Check it out!

The Law Collaborative – Ron on CNN from The Law Collaborative on Vimeo.