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A Safe Place

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals has created a twenty-minute film titled “A Safe Place” which follows the true life story of a couple as they make their way through a Collaborative divorce. At one point, the couple reads out loud a portion of the mission statement they have written for their divorce.

“We want our children to grow up feeling loved and nurtured by both of us and without a sense that their parents are angry with one another or conducting a quiet war behind the scenes. We want to continue to work as a team in raising our boys, to share in the major decisions, to support one another and to share in the traditions and celebrations we have established.  We want as little change for our boys as possible.”

Later, when the couple gets stuck trying to divide a particularly coveted asset, their collaborative team goes back to their mission statement, revisiting the couple’s longterm goals, to help them come up with a creative solution both parties feel good about.

The film beautifully illustrates how the Collaborative process works and why it benefits the couples who use it. Click here to watch A Safe Place.

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